Who We Are

Our daily morning ritual consists of drinking a shot of apple cider vinegar, half a lemon, and a pinch sea salt to optimize our water first thing in the morning, followed by meditation, journaling, and coffee

We are David and Eddie, founders of Hug In A Cup Coffee. On our quest for health, we found fun and sustainable ways to boost our longevity and discovered the importance of the immune system for longevity. The number one cause of an illness is internal inflammation caused by stress, lack of nutrients, and eating processed and refined foods and beverages. That means those sugary latte's from Starbucks may be affecting your mental health more than you realize. 

As Hug In A Cup Coffee founders, our mission is to provide health and wellness through our brand's experience. This past October, we experienced the impact of mental health and its consequences with Luci's loss- our founder's sister due to mental health issues during the pandemic. Our hearts are with those suffering, and we are going to do our best to make sure you have positive and uplifting content to remind you that joy is always in the journey, and the journey is now.

Mental health disorders are real illnesses that often cause people to suffer silently. Furthermore, supporting mental illness and giving back to the mental health community can be extremely powerful for families and patients.

For this reason, one of our goals is to partner with  Mental Health America (MHA), the nation's leading community-based organization devoted to addressing the needs of people living with mental illness and promoting their overall mental health. This nonprofit group believes that mental health is a critical part of overall wellness. They are an authority in mental health support, recovery, and advocacy. (1) 

We knew that we had to create something fun and enjoyable to help mentally uplift others with feel-good reminders, and we realized how good this new way to make coffee made us feel, and we had to share it! 

Our friends and family make coffee daily. And when we asked them about their coffee's quality, we understood why they consume coffee from brands that produce cheap, non-organic, oxidized, toxin-ridden beans.

That is how Hug In A Cup Coffee was born. We believe everyone should have a healthy hug and that clean coffee be easy to buy. 

As a lean startup, we prioritize our coffee quality first. Over time, we want to reduce our carbon footprint by providing you with recycled packaging that is sustainable and finding ways to roast coffee in more energy-efficient ways. With your support in Hug In A Cup, we can improve our coffee standards and positively impact the planet as we grow. 

Whether you want to start your day clean with our bean or make it through with our brew, Hug In A Cup is the hug you can give yourself every day. 

Mindfully and healthfully, 

David and Eddie 

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(1) https://www.mhanational.org