Adding mindfulness to your daily lifestyle does not have to be some large endeavor to enjoy its benefits. A simple cup of coffee early in the morning is the best way to start. 

Meditation is all about being mindful of your surroundings and being in the moment. The right place to jump in is to focus on a mundane moment like making yourself coffee or tea in the morning. Whatever you are doing, once you entirely focus on the task at hand, you are already meditating. 

The mindful act of preparing the beans, brewing the coffee, and sipping on that hug in a cup is essential to our mornings and has become a coffee ritual we want to share with you. We savor our coffee for the first moments in the day when we breathe slowly and think about nothing but the moment we are in.  

We don't recommend drinking coffee "on the go." Our rule of thumb is when drinking coffee, enjoy it in peace. Do nothing else but sip and get present in your mind. It does not have to be the whole cup but focus on making the first two to three minutes mindful ones.

We treat the coffee break as an investment for our minds and souls. Focusing on your coffee and making it a moving mediation or mindful moment can give you the calm and relaxed energy you need to enjoy the small pleasures in life. 

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