Hug In A Cup is a one of kind Coffee Experience- We are Healthy Coffee. 

Not all coffees are created for coffee connoisseurs- and with Hug In A Cup Coffee we are here to provide you with the high-quality beans for your health.

Specially Roasted: Hug In A Cup processes the coffee beans in micro batches to provide our customers with the finest tasting coffee. So, rest assured that every bean is examined before it leaves for you.

Healthful Origins: We source our beans from High-Altitude farms providing you with beans that have higher antioxidants and a denser nutrient profile compared to other brands for a truly healthy cup. 

Coffee and Wellness: Hug In A Cup is not only about coffee, we provide a Hug In A Cup lifestyle where you can be your best self- by giving you the opportunity to fill your cup first. In order to be of service and show up for our businesses, our jobs, our loves, and our passions, it is important that we care for ourselves first. A Hug In A Cup Coffee is a start.

Get your premium healthful coffee here or keep missing out!